On-site interpreting

Based in London, I am available to travel across Europe and beyond to attend events and conferences, where I can translate for you from English to Italian and vice versa.

In the midst of hectic events, you will find my positive attitude, adaptability and cultural sensitivity invaluable. I quickly build a rapport of trust with both colleagues and clients, ensuring that communication between all parties runs smoothly. A respected professional, I bring a steady presence to proceedings in corporate settings, always managing to interact easily with participants from all backgrounds in a friendly manner. Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in this field, covering three main types of interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting

ideal for large multilingual conferences and international meetings Keeping pace with the speaker, I translate what is being said in real time from a soundproof booth and convey the message precisely, while also taking into account the whole picture (e.g. nuances of gestures or tone of voice). Trust my excellent language skills for a flawless service even in such a pressured environment.

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Consecutive interpreting

best for small events, during which only one foreign language is spoken Often preferred for being more interactive, this way of interpreting means that I will wait for the speaker to finish talking before I begin to relay what they said. I remain focused and can quickly process the message, so that any pauses will be kept as short as possible.

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recommended in situations involving a maximum of two people Similar to simultaneous interpreting, the main difference here is that, generally, no special equipment is required: I will be sitting next to my client and translate directly to them. In such instances, my calm and attentive approach is always especially appreciated.

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Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)

Always keen to keep up to speed with all the technological developments in the field of interpreting, I have widened my service offering to include this new technology, the use of which is becoming increasingly widespread. As using RSI reduces costs, more businesses can now afford to allow communication in different languages at events – however big or small – rather than request that everyone speaks English.

Although there is less direct human interaction, in my experience I’ve been able to inject just as much warmth in my delivery, while also avoiding distractions and remaining consistently focused, thus keeping a firm handle on proceedings.

RSI means that I can bring you my expertise wherever you are in the world; you’ll find me just as approachable, tuned into the nuances of the language and accurate as if I were there in person – minus the large carbon footprint!


The ability to translate text requires a combination of linguistic dexterity, sensitivity, a solid grasp of the subject involved and a keen eye for detail. After years of honing my skills in a wide range of fields – such as legal, corporate and pharmaceutical, to name a few – I can communicate effectively in Italian, English and Spanish to ensure that your documents move seamlessly across these three languages.

I quickly get to grips with the text, and consistently offer a professional and accurate service on which you can rely. With my characteristic friendly and approachable attitude, I keep the lines of communication open every step of the way, keen to answer all of your questions in a prompt and helpful manner.

Confidentiality is also key when building a relationship based on reciprocal trust: you can rest assured that I’ll take all the necessary measures to look after your privacy and handle sensitive information with extreme care. I regularly work on a variety of corporate texts, which include:

  • contracts
  • minutes
  • codes of conduct and corporate
  • policies
  • court documents
  • memorandum of incorporation
  • privacy notices and data protection documents.
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